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Discover the power of the Dance Studio Growth Engine, a tailored system proven to accelerate your studio's growth and streamline operations. From crafting offers that captivate to nurturing leads into loyal students, our engine is the fuel for your studio’s success. Experience a smoother journey to growth, leaving you more time to focus on your passion for dance.

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30-Day Free Trial

Try out our 30-Day Free Trial and see how we can shape a growth plan just for your studio. We’ll work with you to build a system that meets your unique needs and challenges. With our hands-on onboarding and continuous support, we’re here to help your studio thrive and succeed every step of the way.

Tools & Features

Lead Generation

Boost interest in your studio and build trust with our lead-generation strategies. We help you draw in more students and encourage sign-ups through effective, proven methods

A.I. Follow-Ups

Effortlessly convert leads into students with our A.I.-powered follow-up system. We use email, SMS, Social DMs and even voicemails to keep in touch, ensuring you’re always connected and engaging potential students

Missed Call Text Back

Miss a call? No problem. Our system automatically sends a text response, so you never lose touch with a potential new student, even when you're busy in class or away from your desk


Keep all your studio communications streamlined with our centralized inbox. Manage conversations with leads and customers efficiently, all from one convenient location across all platforms

Mobile App

Our user-friendly platform is just a tap away, whether you're at your desk or on the move. Stay connected effortlessly with our custom mobile app

Automated Review Generation

Easily build and maintain your studio's online reputation. Our system automatically requests reviews, keeping your studio’s image glowing in the digital world


Optimize your studio's interactions with a specialized CRM. Track inquiries and manage relationships with current and prospective students, all while easing your administrative load


Manage your studio's social media presence with ease. Our platform, simplifies posting, scheduling, and engaging with your community

Our Promise to our Studio Partners

  • Tailored CRM Construction: We understand that every dance studio has its unique rhythm. That's why we custom-build a CRM system to perfectly suit your studio's needs, ensuring it's as unique as your dance routines.

  • Comprehensive On-boarding: Our support starts from the moment you join us. We guide you through every step with thorough onboarding, making sure you feel confident and ready to make the most of our tools from day one.

  • Dedicated Support: Got questions or need a hand? Count on us for ongoing, dedicated support. We're here to ensure your studio has all it needs to operate as seamlessly as your finest dance routines.

  • Monthly Check-Ins: Our weekly office hours are your go-to for immediate support, helpful tips, and insights from the dance community, keeping your studio's growth in perfect harmony.

  • Rapid Rollout: Get set for growth fast with our 14-day launch turnaround. We're dedicated to swiftly setting up your studio's growth system, helping you welcome new students through your doors as soon as possible

  • Insightful Tracking & Reporting: Stay on top of your studio's performance with our daily tracking and reporting. This feature makes it easy for you to monitor success and make decisions backed by data.

Extra Steps to Success

From Web Development to Marketing: Complete Solutions for Your Studio

Web Development:

  • Conversion-Focused Websites: We create websites that don't just look good, they turn visitors into students.

  • Action-Driven Landing Pages: Each page is crafted to motivate visitors to take the next step.

  • Google My Business Optimization: Enhance your local online presence for better visibility.

Advertising & Marketing:

  • Google PPC Ads: Strategically targeted ads to attract qualified leads, ensuring your studio stands out to the right audience.

  • Social Media Advertising: Create compelling ads on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok designed to boost studio awareness and engage potential new students.

  • TikTok Campaigns for Awareness: Utilize TikTok's dynamic platform to increase your studio's visibility and connect with a broader, yet targeted, audience.

Design & Branding:

  • Branding Essentials: From logos to brand assets, we shape your studio's visual identity.

  • Social Media Creative: Eye-catching graphics and assets to make your social pages stand out.

  • High-Converting Ad Designs: Ads that not only catch the eye but encourage action.

Here's what one happy studio owner said about her experience with DSGE.

"Since we started using DSGE, we have seen a steady increase in student registrations! Communicating with potential new students has never been so easy & efficient - we don't miss calls, texts, social media messages or emails. It has been such an easy, stress-free way to grow our student base and increase overall revenue. If you're running a dance studio, DSGE is the studio bestie you never knew you needed."

Orielle Marcus

Owner of The Dance Method

Curious? Let's Dive In Together with your:

30-day Free Trial

When you hop on board with us for your free trial, we're all in. During your trial, we'll develop your custom CRM that's moulded around your studio's unique needs. And we won't just hand it over and wave goodbye. We'll guide you through a comprehensive onboarding session to get you comfortable, followed by multiple training sessions to ensure you're making the most of every feature. Whether it's day 1, day 30, or day 300, we're always here to help and support you.
  • Custom CRM: Built around your studio's specific needs.

  • Thorough Onboarding: We'll ensure you start on the right foot.

  • Multiple Training Sessions: Dive deep into every tool and feature.

  • Always Here: Day 1, Day 30, or Day 300, we've got your back.

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